Our Kid's Asleep
Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. Or Something.
a year ago

OKA21 - Profanity, Crazy Rich Asians & Always Be My Maybe, Trump vs The Squad, The Sandlot

We are the dog in the fire with the nice hat trying to podcast!

a year ago

OKA20 - Milestone Episode feat. Steve, Teresa, & B-Rad

Feel-Good Movies, The Simpsons, & Good Cheer for the 20th Episode!

a year ago

OKA19 - The Great Social Media Blackout, HBO's Chernobyl, Tenacious D

I'm sorry, we have Chernobyl spoilers...

a year ago

OKA18 - Brenda in the Big City - A Special Interview

Also, Panda Express Epilogue

a year ago

OKA17 - Ramy, Effing Seatbelts, Foo Fighters Throwback

And the rant about the Alabama abortion bill when we tried to not talk about the Alabama abortion bill.