Our Kid's Asleep
Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. Or Something.
10 months ago

OKA35 - Date Nights, Clustercaucused in Iowa, The Mandalorian

We're back! This one's out of control. Bring your flavored popcorn.

a year ago

OKA33 - The Butchering Art, Christmas Movies, New Years Resolutions

And a partridge in a pear oh shit it's January...

a year ago

Happy Holidays!

a year ago

OKA32 - JoJoRabbit and Mike Birbiglia's New One

Quick pod about life and how it's funny and sad.

a year ago

OKA31 - Disney Plus is Here! Schitt's Creek Withdrawal and Gratitude

Maddie and I were on a roll today, and the furnace too...

a year ago

OKA30 - Ocean's Eleven, Uplifting News Recap, Concert Plans

We made it to 30 without anything horrible happening!