Our Kid's Asleep
Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. Or Something.
a year ago

OKA21 - Profanity, Crazy Rich Asians & Always Be My Maybe, Trump vs The Squad, The Sandlot

We are the dog in the fire with the nice hat trying to podcast!

Episode 21 coming at ya!

On this one, we get a profanity prologue because J has a crisis about swears and whether they are a weapon of language or a crutch.

We discuss two awesome movies we watched back to back: Crazy Rich Asians and Always be my Maybe.

Trump vs The Squad: We can't even.

Lastly, we cover The Sandlot and the birth of a new segment: Stuff J missed out on growing up in Mexico.

We'll try to get back on schedule by channeling Matt Foley's wisdom to get our life back on track. Be well, friends. Much love. -J & M

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