Our Kid's Asleep
Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. Or Something.
2 years ago

OKA10 - Billie Eilish Album, Single Men Troubles, Into the Spiderverse

PSA: Our kid recorded the theme song before he fell asleep.

Welcome to the show where we talk about three things and decide on toasting our wine glasses to it or not. "Tinks" all around!

On this go round we chat about the new Billie Eilish Album, and the feeling you get when you find some new tunes that resonate with you.

Thanks to this headline we found on Twitter from The Washington Post, now we have to talk about how single men in America are not having sex as much as they used to be.

And lastly, strange when a movie actually surprises you these days: Maddie and I discuss the wonder that is Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse!

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