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Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. Or Something.
2 years ago

OKA17 - Ramy, Effing Seatbelts, Foo Fighters Throwback

And the rant about the Alabama abortion bill when we tried to not talk about the Alabama abortion bill.

For crying out loud, we're back!

We tried to stay away from the Alabama abortion bill but we could not help it.

Our reaction to the most excellent Hulu show, Ramy. And a deep dive into why modern tv is an increasingly intense commitment.

We delve into the frustrating crisis in Wyoming of negligence on the road, in particular people's aversion to wearing seatbelts in our state.

There is Nothing Left to Lose is a crowning achievement in the Foo Fighters catalog. Madd and I share our fondest memories of this album

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