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Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. Or Something.
2 years ago

OKA11 - Mad About Bridges, Touchy Biden, Great Book Finds and PEN15

Now with 30% more Special Guest Catty G!

Here we go!

Maddie and I find ourselves enraged at the complete lack of investment in our country's infrastructure. Specifically, neglected bridges are the cause of our ire on this one.

Shortly thereafter, we grapple with Joe Biden's incessant need to be touchy-feely. We get it, Guy. Cool it.

A little shoutout to our local library for putting on a great book sale!

And lastly, friend of the show Catty G joins us to discuss the hilarity and awkwardness of the new Hulu series PEN15.

And of course, who doesn't like to daydream about starting a custom and/or branded T-shirt business? Hope you join us on our latest episode.

-J & Maddie

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